Friday, May 28, 2004

Vernon God Little

I started DBC Pierre's Booker-winning book with a lot of expectation. I had been meaning to read it for a while but got around to reading it only over last weekend. It reminded me of The Catcher in the Rye but that's obvious, considering both are the ramblings of a hormone-tormented adolescent boy. Anyway, our hero, Vernon, is implicated as an accessory to the shooting of his classmates by his best friend, Jesus. Remember Columbine? Somehow, the chilling reality of the killings never comes across, the reader is too caught up in following Vernon's preoccupation of being made the "skate-goat," his frustration at the twisted "powerdimes" of the adults around him, the unrequited lust he feels for Taylor Figueroa in her bikini briefs. Vernon is a "f*cken" unlucky guy, he gets caught everytime he tries to escape and finds himself in the most disastrous of situations, which reinforce his Texas hometown's belief that he is a wayward boy! So, we follow the 16-year-old Vernon's escapades - resorting to blackmail to fund his escape to Mexico, meeting Taylor in Houston, hiding out in a beach house Mexico, being caught and finally, his trial. I won't give away the ending. Read the book because, although it starts a little slow, it picks up momentum and halfway through the book, you can't put it down! A moving first novel. A line from the book that will stay with me: "You're the God. Take responsibility. Exercise your power." Only you can shape your own destiny!


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